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Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst Program and Certification - Bundled Offer

Welcome to the Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst (WCBDA) Program!


The objective of the WCBDA program is to provide you with industry-relevant skills expected in Big Data Analysts and Data Specialists.


This program will make you thoroughly conversant with basic and advanced analytic techniques for mining, manipulating, and analyzing Big Data, familiarize you with key Big Data platforms, and provide foundations to business and industry requirements to be able to participate productively in Big Data analytics projects.


You will have the opportunity to perform multiple labs and work on a complete project which can serve as a demonstration of your Big Data analytics skills.


In this program you will:

  • Gain complete technical know-how of basic and advanced data analytics and visualization techniques to analyze data, create statistical models, and provide business insights
  • Experience working with Hadoop and its component tools, as well as with basics in Spark – a cutting edge Big Data Analytics platform
  • Build strong foundation in managing and processing huge datasets with tools such as Hadoop 2 framework, MapReduce and YARN, Hive, Pig, RHadoop, Mahout
  • Undergo hands-on experience of working with Big Data analytics tools on real data-sets, including and Hadoop 2, in form of extensive lab-work and projects through a controlled lab environment
  • Work on an integrated live project in the end to solve a Big Data analytics problem

Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst (WCBDA) Certification Exam

The WCBDA Certification Exam provides you with the perfect opportunity to validate your skills in analytics and Big Data, and earn an internationally recognized ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from Wiley.

The WCBDA Certification Exam is intend to assess the core skills and hence goes beyond simple recall type of questions, requiring candidates to apply their analytical and problem solving skills. 

Please ensure you familiarize yourself thoroughly with the examination curriculum before you attempt the Certification Examinations. Download the curriculum from the links below.

Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst Certification Exam Curriculum

Exam Registration Process

  • Please select an exam date from the following dates: 10th Jun 2017, 9th Sep 2017, 9th Dec 2017, 10th Mar 2018
  • Send the following details to [email protected]
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Contact No.
    • Date of Purchase (optional)
    • Complete Physical Address where you want the certificate should be couriered, in case of successfully clearing the examination
  • Certification will be added to your existing account. You can login and access the documents that you will be required to refer and go through for the detailed steps on accessing the exam.
  • You will be receiving you exam link and exam time 4 days before the exam date that you registered for.
  • Note that the exam remains open only for a specific window of time and are scheduled on a specific day, and will need to be completed within that time, post which it will be deactivated.

NOTE: In case required, you can change your preferred exam date before the registration closes (i.e. 5 days before the actual exam date). To change the exam date you will have to login to your account and follow the steps:

  • Click on 'My Dashboard'
  • Click on 'Edit Exam Date' button on the Certification card.
  • Select a date and click on 'Update'.

Examination Platform

The exams are conducted completely online and are proctored (via webcam and screen navigation), timed, and delivered in a secure environment by Wiley primary test delivery partner. 

  • Duration of the exam: 90 minutes
  • Pass percentage for the exam: 50%

Pre-Requisites for the Exam

  • Thorough skills in each of the module objectives as detailed in the exam curriculum.
  • A desktop or laptop with a webcam
  • Internet connectivity of more than 512 KBPS
  • Updated Flash player plugin
  • Any of the following browsers with updated flash plug-in: Firefox – 45x and above, Internet Explorer 11 or above, Google Chrome – 50 or above.

Dummy Test Link for Checking System Compatibility

You can also take a dummy test using the below details, to ensure your system compatibility, before registering for the exam. 

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Login using below credentials:
    Username: [email protected]
    Password: password
    Domain Name: Wiley
    Test Name: Demo Test
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  4. Run the test for at least 5 to 10 minutes to make sure that everything is fine. 

Certification Process:

On clearing the Certification examinations, candidates will be awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

The candidates will be receiving the hard copy of the certificate on your physical address that you will be providing while registering for the exam, within 25 days of appearing for the examination.

Good Luck for the Exam!

Recommended Training for the Examination

Following online courses are recommended for developing your skills for passing the Certification Examinations.

Wiley Certified Big Data Analyst (WCBDA)

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