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Wiley's Certified Specialist Cloud Administrator

The most updated course on Cloud Computing that makes you conversant with operation, management, strategy, and application techniques as well as popular cloud platforms to equip you as a job-ready Specialist Cloud Administrator.

Welcome to the Wiley Certified Specialist Cloud Administrator (WCSCA) Program!

As cloud is becoming more prevalent, as a profitable business model, many organizations worldwide are relying on cloud computing for business processes such as storage, business continuity/disaster recovery, and security. Yet, companies report that the biggest reason they find it difficult to adopt the cloud model is the lack of professionals with sufficient business-centric understanding of cloud implementation and management techniques.

The WCSCA Program aims to bridge this gap, and create a new international breed of versatile and agile Cloud Specialists, who are thoroughly conversant with operation, management, strategy, and application techniques as well as popular cloud platforms, to be able to administer and implement business-centric and efficient cloud solutions.


In this program you will:

·        Experience participation in industry-relevant professional cloud strategy and implementation solutions, and demonstrate your skills relevant to various stages of the implementation process

·        Evaluate the build/buy plan and various other factors to be kept in mind while implementing a cloud plan at an enterprise level

·        Plan cloud architecture and management strategies

·        Understand a business problem and come up with a viable and efficient solution using your problem-solving and analytical skills

·        Prepare adequate documentation of various stages of the project


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