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Wiley's Certified Big Data Developer

Master managing, processing and storing Big Data as well as designing and maintaining enterprise-wide Big Data solutions.

The objective of the WCBDD program is to provide you with industry-relevant skills expected in Big Data programmers, developers, and technology specialists.

This program will make you thoroughly conversant with Big Data related tools, platforms, and their architecture which organizations use to store, manage and process huge volumes and variety of data competently. At the same time, the program will also help you become deeply aware of the required business and industry knowhow to 
integrate, implement, customize and manage a Big Data infrastructure effectively.

You will have the opportunity to perform multiple labs and work on a complete project which can serve as a demonstration of your Big Data management skills.

In this program you will: ​

  • Learn to handle technology, storage, processing, management and security infrastructure for Big Data
  • Experience working with Hadoop and its component tools
  • Learn to develop MapReduce and Pig programs, manipulate distributed files and understand APIs supporting MapReduce programs
  • Become familiar with some popular Hadoop commercial distribution systems such as Cloudera, Hortonworks,and Greenplum
  • Gather hands-on experience of installing and working with Big Data programming tools on real datasets, through extensive lab-work and projects in a controlled environment
  • Work on integrated live projects in the end to allow participants to develop  Big Data programs and applications


Note : Above Price is applicable only for India.
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